FACT: We all want to look our best and stand out from the crowd just a little bit don’t we?


I don’t think this is an ego thing …. we just want to be the best that we can be.  I mean, how many of us get dressed in the morning without giving some thought as to what will make us look good?  And it’s the same for our kids – they want to be wearing the ‘right’ clothes but look just that little bit different at the same time to stand out.

The thing is, looking good takes time – something we’re all short on – especially if you’re dashing out the door at stupid-o-clock to get to training.  Maybe you want to be able to spot them from the stands when they’re on training ice or maybe they want to look the part in their warm ups at competition, and so, being the amazing parent that you are, you buy them a skating jacket. But, if you want to personalise it or bling it up, its going to take time and effort.

Perhaps you don’t know the first thing about adding crystals to clothes, where to get the crystals from or what font style will look best.

Let’s face it, skating clothing isn’t cheap and you don’t want to ruin it by messing up the crystalling!

If you’ve never blinged anything before it can be very time consuming and having spent hours slaving over my own daughters kit in the past, I know just how tedious it can be.




One option is to let us DO IT FOR YOU!  Having added crystals to literally hundreds of jackets over the years, we’re not blowing our own trumpets by saying that we’re EXPERTS at it.  We’re practiced at adding crystals using lots of different techniques and have done many custom orders to put a smile on every skaters face.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choose your jacket colour and size





Step 2: Choose your font style


Step 3: Choose your stone colours


Step 4: if you want to add on extras underneath your name or along the sleeves of the jacket then add these elements to your basket too.









Step 5: Check out and leave the rest to us!


Step 6: Beautifully blinged clothing will be delivered direct to your door!


But it gets better!

During September, you can add your name to any jacket completely FREE!  Yes, that’s right – normally £15 per name but totally FREE for the whole of September.  Any font, any colour, any name!

All our crystal work is guaranteed for 3 months – if any crystals come loose or fall off then just return your item to us and we’ll repair it for you free of charge.  No quibbles, just happily repaired and sent back out to you with our love.


So that’s any jacket with any bling name in any font and any colour added for FREE!  If you were thinking about buying a skating jacket for a birthday or Christmas present then it’s a bit of a no-brainer really isn’t it?!

Don’t delay though – this offer is only available until the end of September.  The price for bling names goes up on the 1st of October to £15 per name.


To order your jacket with a FREE bling name, click here before the end of September.

Our customers LOVE these jackets:

“My daughter loves her new skate jacket personalised with her name in royal blue rhinestones. Will definitely be buying again, excellent customer service” – Jennifer Mills


“Fantastic service, great quality jacket and the stoning was just perfect.” – Gayle Smith


“Simple yet elegant and just the right level of warmth!” – Nicki Torrington


“Really really helpful and 1st class customer service! Love my new jackets- thank you so much!!” – Nicola Perkins


To order your jacket with FREE bling name, click here before the end of September.