2018 Brand Ambassadors

We’re delighted to announce that our sponsored skaters and brand ambassadors for 2018 are RUBY RANSFORD, ISLA SHENTON, REBECCA GEDDES and LAURYN FOX.  We’re looking forward sharing their training and competitive journey over the coming year so make sure you follow us on social media to follow along.


RUBY is 7 years old and her home rink is Ice Sheffield.  Coached by Dawn Peckett, she came second in her category in the Young Stars competition in August 2017 and competed at Beginners under 12 until July 2018 when she moved up to Level 1 after a series of competitive scores.  We were impressed by her passion for skating and her fantastic determination to master her next element.  She’s super cute but has bucket loads of grit and determination.  Ruby holds a place on the Young Stars Development Squad.






ISLA is 8 years old and her home rink is also Ice Sheffield.  Coached by Heather Barnes, she competed at Level 3 until July 2018 where she was moved up to Level 4 (Basic Novice) after winning Coventry Opens and gaining a podium place at several other competitions.  Isla is teeny tiny but a force to be reckoned with – she lands all her single jumps with ease and has now incorporated double jumps into her routine and successfully landed all of them at Sheffield IJS on 30th July 2018.  She placed 19th/53 in that competition which was her first at Basic Novice B so we expect to see her climb the ranks over the rest of this season.  She also gained a place on the GBR Talent Development Squad, moving up from Young Stars, after her performance at Coventry.





REBECCA is 13 years old and her home rink is East Kilbride.  She’s coached by Yvonne Cameron and competed at Basic Novice A until April 2018 when she moved up to the Advanced Novice following a series of wins and podium places.  She achieved an excellent 3rd place in her long and short programmes at Lee Valley July 2018 (Advanced Novice) in only her 3rd competition at that level and has recently passed her level 9 and 10 Field Moves.  At only 13 years old, she shows real promise for the future.  She sadly sustained a factured foot during training at the end of July and is now working on her recovery and rehab with the aim of getting back on the ice in September and working hard to catch up with her training and competitions.





LAURYN is 14 years old and her home rink is Auchenharvie.  She’s coached by Natalie Dallas and competes at Intermediate Novice level.  Lauryn also has a passion for fashion and design and would like to be a sportswear fashion designer when she’s older so she’ll be helping us with new designs for the coming seasons.







Our next sponsorship window will be open from 1st – 28th February 2019 during which time we will be accepting applications via our online form only.  Full details will be released onto our Facebook page and website on 1st February.  Unfortunately we cannot accept sponsorship applications at any other time during the year.