Vote for your 2019 Two Birds Ambassadors

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit an entry for 2019 Two Birds Ambassador Program.  From the many submissions we received, we’ve selected a final 16, 8 in the under 12 category and 8 in the 12 and over category

…and now we want to know what you think.

Check out each of the finalists, watch their short videos, and select one worthy skater from each age group.

Once you’ve made a decision, complete the form below, selecting the two skaters you are voting for.  Only one vote per email address is allowed, so make sure you’re 100% happy with your choice.

Voting closes on Friday 15th March at 6pm so make sure you confirm before then… and look out for announcements on our Facebook Page where we’ll be revealing all of our 2019 Ambassadors Live!!!

Under 12 Finalists

Lucy Gillam


Lily Walding


Megan Withnall


Ava Mae Wilson


Caitlyn Baxby


Naomi Ogbu

East Kilbride

Atl & Ashlie Ongay-Perez


Yara Broder


12 Plus Finalists

Emma Watt


Francesca Guerin


Arin Yorke


Gayle Smith


Megan Shorrock


Brienne Reher


Eloise McNulty

East Kilbride

Vicki Smart


Make Your Selections for the 2019 Two Birds Ambassador Program

You’ve seen all the finalists for the 2019 Two Birds Ambassador program, but we want to know who would YOU like to follow over the coming year?

Using the form, please select the skaters you want to vote for (one from each age group) and click “submit my vote”…  we’ll then register your vote and upon closing will announce the final winners.

n.b. You are only allowed to vote once at each age group, so make sure you’re happy with your selection before confirming.

Voting Is now Closed

Please note you will not be added to an ongoing email list when you vote and will only receive emails relating to the 2019 Ambassador Program, thanking you for your vote and letting you know about the winners.