We’re delighted to announce that our sponsored skaters and brand ambassadors for 2020 are ALANA PANG, ARIN YORKE, JADE JACKSON, CHARLOTTE MANFIELD, NICOLE BROLLY and TEAM ORION.  We’re looking forward sharing their training and competitive journey over the coming year so make sure you follow us on social media to follow along.

Our next sponsorship window will be open from 1st – 28th February 2021 during which time we will be accepting applications via our online form only.  Full details will be released onto our Facebook page and website on 1st February.  Unfortunately we cannot accept sponsorship applications at any other time during the year.


ALANA is 15 years old and her home rink is iceSheffield.  She competes in both free skating and ice dance and is coached by Dawn Peckett, Mark Hanretty and Viv Dean.  She holds the current Intermediate Novice British champion title (free). Last year she came 3rd in Advanced Novice British championships (solo ice dance) and 4th in the British for Advanced Novice (free). She competes in the UK and internationally, coming 4th three times (February, April and November 2019) in Bulgaria (free skating) and 1st in Copenhagen (solo ice dance).  She’s held a place on the GBR development squad for the past 4 years and also holds a place on the UK talent potential squad.  She’s currently competing at Junior level in solo ice dance and was due to compete at Junior in free for qualifier 1 prior to the Coronavirus lockdown.



CHARLOTTE is 12 years old and her home rink is University of Delaware, USA.  She is coached by Suzy Semanick-Schurman, Scott Gregory, Pam Gregory, Jeff DiGregorio, and Colin McManus and competes at Intermediate level.  Charlotte is a US Figure Skating double gold medalist – in moves in the field and solo free dance.  She is currently working on her last level of dances in order to achieve a third gold medal in pattern dance and also continuing to improve her jumps for her competition programs..



ARIN is 13 years old and his home rink is Telford. Coached by Jason Bowman, he competes at Basic Novice and is currently ranked 4th in the GB National Rankings. Arin is a determined young man who pushes himself hard – a year ago he was waiting for his Field Moves 3 test, now he’s passed FM6 as well as Elements and Free Level 6!  Arin has mastered most of his double jumps and has begun work on his triples.




TEAM ORION are our first sponsored team and are based in Lee Valley, London.  They range from 24 to 76 years old and compete in Adult  Synchronised Skating categories in the UK and Internationally. They’re coached by Chrissy Richards and vary in ability from Skate UK Passport up to Field Moves level 3.  In the past season, they’ve achieved 2 gold medals, one silver and one bronze making them the only UK adult synchro team to medal at every competition this season.





JADE is 26 years old and her home rink is Blackburn.  She’s coached by Dannielle Starkie and competes at Adult Bronze level.  She holds the current British Champion title for Yound Adults in Bronze free and she is also the British Champion Overall in Bronze Artistic.  Jade is looking forward to landing more of her double jumps this year.




NICOLE is our youngest sponsored skater this year at 9 years old. Her home rink is East Kilbride and she’s coached by Silvanna Cameron.  She’s currently competing at Level 4/Basic Novice and holds Field Moves Level 5 and Elements and Free Level 4. She’s been working very hard on landing all her double jumps this year, and wants to improve these so that they are all counted in competitions. Her highlight of her skating career so far was being invited to skate her programme at the Best of British Gala as part of the British Championships by British Ice Skating after a very successful competition year.