2021 Sponsored Skaters


 We are delighted to announce that our sponsored skaters and brand ambassadors for 2021 are ARIN YORKE, JADE JACKSON, CHARLOTTE MANFIELD and NICOLE BROLLY.  We are looking forward sharing their training and competitive journey over the coming year so make sure you follow us on social media to follow along.

ARIN is 14 years old and his home rink is Telford. Coached by Jason Bowman, he competes at Intermediate Novice. He is hoping to complete level eight field moves test soon, he is waiting for tests to resume so he can then also compete at Advanced Novice. Arin has recently landed his first double axel and is working towards his triples. Arin is hoping to gain a place at the qualifier to compete at the British Championships Nov/Dec 2021

JADE is 27 years old and her home rink is Blackburn.  She is coached by Dannielle Starkie and competes at Adult Bronze level.  She is the current British Champion title for her category.


NICOLE is our youngest sponsored skater this year at 11 years old. Her home rink is East Kilbride and she is coached by Silvanna Cameron.  She competes at Basic Novice and is hoping to sit her level 6 field moves soon. She is currently working on her double jumps and preparing for the qualifier in the Summer with hopes of gaining the score she needs to be able to compete at her first British Championships at the end of this year.

CHARLOTTE is 13 years old and her home rink is Univeristy of Delaware, USA.  She’s coached by Suzy Semanick and competes at Juvenile level.


Our next sponsorship window will be open from 1st – 28th February 2022 during which time we will be accepting applications via our online form only.  Full details will be released onto our Facebook page and website on 1st February.  Unfortunately we cannot accept sponsorship applications at any other time during the year.