Putting our own stamp on something is important – it makes you feel unique and different even if the changes are subtle.  No-one wants to be a clone right?  So it got me thinking about how you can add that ‘stamp’ to your training gear.  Here are my suggestions:



You can buy fabric markers and draw your own design directly onto the fabric.  They come in lots of different colours and work just like felt tip pens.  Some are washable and some can be permanently fixed by ironing them after you’ve finished creating your design.  Typically they work best on natural fibres such as cotton and on lighter fabrics. Unless you’re a skilled artist it can be tricky to get a finished product that doesn’t look like a spider crawled over an ink pot but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube with tricks on how to get a good result.



If you’ve got an inkjet printer at home then you can buy transfer paper which goes through your printer like a normal sheet of paper.  You then take the printed transfer and iron it on to your garment.  You’ll need some basic skills in Microsoft Word & clipart or a design software package plus a decent inkjet printer (ideally colour) and your home iron.



If you fancy adding a bit of sparkle then consider buying pre-made designs and applying to your chosen garment at home using your iron.  There are plenty to choose from on eBay, Amazon or you can even find some on our own website here.

When using your iron to apply, make sure that the steam setting is turned off and the temperature is set to high.  You’ll need to push down with the iron to get pressure onto the stones for about 30-60 seconds.  If the design is larger than your iron plate then you’ll need to lift and press again.  Don’t slide the iron over the design as this can cause the stones to move.



If you’re a bit uncertain or want to make sure you get a professional finish then why not let us DO IT FOR YOU?  We have lots of designs to choose from including 3 font styles, 10 ice skating designs and 10 more generic designs including unicorns, butterflies and flamingos!  You get to choose your crystal colour and we professionally apply it to your jacket or leggings ensuring it will correctly adhere and not fall off in the wash.



Even better …

During September, you can add your name to any jacket completely FREE!  Yes, that’s right – normally £15 per name but totally FREE for the whole of September.  Any font, any colour, any name!

To order your jacket with a FREE bling name, click here before the end of September.