Our Story

Our Story


Two Birds was founded in 2015 by Shirley and Sharon. Sharon’s married surname and Shirley’s maiden surname were both ‘Herron’. They loved that it is a cheeky play on two females and so the brand Two Birds was born!

Shirley’s passion was to provide clothing that would appeal to skaters because they like the way they look and feel, but also to the mums who are ultimately opening their purses to pay for their kids sports clothing.

A trip to a Christmas Ice Rink is where our skating journey began in 2016.  Our daughter Beth stepped on to the ice and was whizzing around unaided within 5 minutes! It’s then that we knew that we needed to nurture this talent that she had.  Unfortunately, time was limited due to starting up my dog grooming business, so we didn’t pursue things until February 2018 after watching Dancing On Ice, when we signed up to a Skate UK 6 week course at Nottingham Ice Centre.  Beth went on to try out for a place with Nottingham Synchronized Skating Academy and after her trial was accepted to the squad.

Having always had a passion for art and fashion design, making a brand of clothing had been something I’d been looking to start working on for some years.

Both myself and Beth starting investigating ice skating clothing and came across Two Birds and found that Shirley had made the decision to close the business.  I felt sad that her hard work and fantastic clothing would just end, so I gave her a call and the rest is history!

We look forward to continuing Shirley’s fantastic work, providing affordable, beautiful skating wear that is as individual as the skaters that wear it and bringing exciting new products to you all!

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