Our Story

Our Story

When Two Birds London started in 2015, I was a mum of a dedicated ice skater and I spent a LOT of time at the rink! As with many mums, I got involved in the clubs that my kids were part of and was soon helping out with the costumes for my daughter’s synchronised skating team. The rink manager asked if I and another mum, Sharon, would be willing to run a dress stall occasionally at the rink as there was no shop and they wanted to be able to offer clothing to their customers.

Sharon’s married surname and my maiden surname were both ‘Herron’ and so the ‘Two Birds’ name was born!. We also loved its cheeky play on two females. We started out as ‘Two Birds Skatewear’ but rebranded this to ‘Two Birds London’ when we started creating designs for non skating sports such as gymnastics, dance, ballet and cheerleading.

We ran our first stall in February 2015 but quickly discovered that skaters weren’t so interested in dresses and if they were, we had the perfect dress in the wrong size, or the perfect size in the wrong colour! Disaster! What we got asked for over and over again was practicewear – jackets, leggings and skirts. So, we did a quick about turn and designed a limited number of these items and ran another stall 3-4 months later. They literally flew off the racks and that’s when we knew we were on to something. From there, we grew rapidly, doing regular sales and visiting other rinks and competitions. A website quickly emerged and sales came in from all over the UK.

Fast forward to early 2017 and Sharon was swamped with her other business, so we decided to amicably go our separate ways and focus on our respective businesses. Sharon still contracts to Two Birds now and again when I need her to help and yes, we still sort out synchro dresses for our girls!

Fundamentally I want Two Birds London clothes to appeal to the skaters because they like the way they look and feel, but also to the mums who are ultimately opening their purses to pay for their kids sports clothing. And as a mum, I know I want the clothes I buy my own daughter to be comfortable, long lasting, attractive and affordable; an overruling aim for all Two Birds clothing.

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