For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you may have seen a post I added recently about a skater from Aberdeen who was in Guildford for Uni and looking for someone to buddy up with to get to the rink so she can carry on her skating that she loves.



I had a few messages from other skating mums saying what a nice thing it was that I’d done to try and help this skater out.  It got me thinking about why this simple gesture had really stood out to people.  Maybe it’s the fact that there was no hidden agenda, no business benefit or anything in it directly for me that touched them but here’s the thing ….


It’s not a NICE thing to do – its the RIGHT thing to do.


You see, I feel strongly that we are a community and should look out for each other.  We’re a niche sport in a small country.  There aren’t a lot of us who actually skate compared to other countries like Canada where skating is basically the national sport.  So I feel that it’s really important that we look out for each other.

We’re all (almost all) mums or dads of skaters, or skaters ourselves.  I’d like to think that if my daughter was all the way up in Aberdeen and needed help that someone from the skating community up there that someone would take her under their wing and look after her for me.  And the same would apply if anyone needed assistance near me – I’d do my best to help them out.

Unfortunately I’m not close enough to help on this occasion but the good news is that one of my lovely customers got in touch to say that she was in Guildford too and would like to help if she could.  I’ve put the two ladies in contact with each other so hopefully they’ll be able to work something out – watch this space!

In the meantime …. if you get a chance to help someone from the skating community out, then please do!  You never know when you might need the favour in return.


Oh and PS, I did get something out of it …. can you guess what?