The Two Birds 2019 Ambassador Programme



We’re on the hunt for 4 skaters to become Two Birds London 2019 Ambassadors.

If you are an competitive skater, then read on to find out how you could become a TWO BIRDS LONDON ambassador and win a year’s supply of clothing and accessories!

The chosen ambassadors will receive: 

  • A quarterly sponsor pack of ice skating clothing and accessories to the (annual) value of £350
  • An all expenses paid sponsor event in May/June 2019 (including a parent or guardian if the skater is under 18)
  • On-going contact & support through the year
  • The opportunity to share your skating journey with the Two Birds London audience

In addition there may be opportunities throughout the year to:

  • Give input into future products/designs
  • Participate in modelling at photoshoots
  • Meet with Shirley for fun skates

In return, we expect our ambassadors to:

  • Wear their Two Birds London clothing to training, events and competitions through the year
  • Be proud to share their Two Birds London ambassador role on their own and/or parents social media feeds
  • Share the highs and lows of their skating progress (training and competitions) via monthly video blogs
  • Allow Two Birds London to promote their competition results in any relevant media
  • Send photos from competitions and events wearing their sponsored clothing
  • Promote the Two Birds London brand to other skaters / skating parents (in person and on social media)

How to enter

You can enter by clicking here to access the application form (and check out the full Terms and Conditions here).

Alternatively, you can grab a copy of the entry requirements by completing the form below and we’ll email them to you.

2019 Ambassador Enquiry

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Entry requirements:

You must be an active competitor or intending to compete in the coming season – minimum 2-3 competitions.

All entries require the following information (along with contact details) so make sure you’ve got everything together before you start the entry form.

  • Short Video (Part 1 – up to 1 min) – Introduce yourself! Who are you? How old are you? Where do you train? What is it that you love about ice skating? Why would you love to become a Two Birds London ambassador?    We’d love to hear all about you and why you should be a Two Birds London ambassador!
  • Short Video (Part 2 – up to 1 min) Show off some of your training or your favourite move! Please remember though, we are not looking at your ability or how good you are, so please relax and have fun! We are purely asking for this so we can see someone who loves ice skating and who is determined to progress. Please try not to have copyrighted music on your video as we will have to silence the audio if you are shortlisted to avoid breaching copyright law on our Facebook page/website.
  • A clear, well lit, in-focus, head and shoulders photo of you which you’re happy for us to use on social media/website
  • Contact details for your coach who we’d love to have a quick chat with if you’re one of our shortlisted entrants.
  • Details of your current test level(s) – Field Moves, Pattern Dance, Free Dance, Elements
  • Details of the highest score you achieved in the last competitive season (if you competed), the category this was achieved in and which competition it was at.



What we’re looking for

  • A skater who embodies the core values that Two Birds London stands for: determined, focused, never gives up, spirited, kind, enthusiastic
  • A skater who is passionate about their sport and loves to compete.
  • A skater who is determined to progress and puts in time and effort to achieve their goals
  • Someone who is happy to be on camera talking about their skating journey

Things you need to know

  • This sponsorship is not based on levels or competitive category but more about love of the sport and fostering determination & a competitive attitude. We’re asking about levels and competitive test scores purely to get an idea of where you are now and how you might progress to over the next year.
  • You must be intending to enter a minimum 2-3 competitions during the forthcoming season
  • Can be from any skating discipline from the following list: Free, Dance, Pairs/Couples *
  • Skaters (or the parent if under 13) must have an active Facebook or Instagram profile as a minimum, ideally both.
  • Skaters (or the parent if under 13) must like Two Birds London Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.  We will check!
  • Up to 4 ambassadors will receive the sponsorship as detailed
  • Shortlisted skaters will receive an exclusive Two Birds London t-shirt
  • All applicants will receive a 20% off coupon code

*Pairs/couples can submit one entry form between them so long as both skaters levels are submitted, the video and the short ‘about us’ section reflects both skaters not just one.

IMPORTANT: Two Birds London reserves the right to cancel sponsorship at any time during the sponsorship period if the skater fails to adhere to the sponsorship expectations.  This includes failing to provide quality monthly videos, not wearing your sponsored clothing, representing Two Birds London in a poor light (eg poor behaviour either in training or at competitions, negative comments or posts to or about others whether in person or on social media and any other similar behaviour).  Cancellation would only take place if the behaviour continues after we have notified you of any improvements required and have tried to work with you to resolve the situation for a minimum of 1 month.  However, we do take bullying very seriously and any sponsored skater found to be involved in any type of bullying will have sponsorship withdrawn immediately.

By submitting your application for sponsorship you acknowledge and agree to the above conditions.

2018 Sponsored Skaters

In 2018, we sponsored 4 skaters: Ruby, Isla, Rebecca and Lauryn.

During the year, in addition to the Two Birds clothing and accessory packs they received, all skaters (and their mums!) had the opportunity to get involved with shaping new Two Birds designs and products. We visited all 4 girls and skated with them to have some fun and get to know them a bit better.

Some skaters had the opportunity to model on ice for us and received copies of the photographs taken for their own use.

Rebecca broke her foot mid season and we supported her emotionally through that difficult period.

All but one skater moved up a category during the season (the 4th skater moved up at the end of the season) and again, we supported them through the transition from podium placement in the lower category through to improvement and in some cases podium placement in the new category.

This is a difficult transition and mentally can be tough on skaters so we’re privileged to be able to support the girls through this time.

For us, the sponsorship programme goes way beyond ‘stuff’ that we can give to the skaters – we’ve got just as much as the skaters from forming bonds with all of them and feel as proud as their parents at the achievements they have made over the year. We hope to be able to make similar bonds with our new ambassadors in 2019.