Ok, its out … I said the dirty word ‘Christmas‘ but now that Halloween is over, its officially time to turn our thoughts to Christmas and start the present shopping in earnest.

Now I’ll be honest, I actually bought my first Christmas present back in March (yes really!) but only because I saw something and knew it perfect for the person in question.  I’ve picked up the odd present or two in the months since then but the vast majority of people I buy for are still on my ‘to do’ list because frankly I’m not sure what to get them.

I do try to avoid money or vouchers if possible because I want the person I’m buying for to know that I’ve put time and effort into buying them something that I think they’ll love and not just taken the easy route of cash in an envelope.  The exception to this is if they’re saving up for something bigger and I know that they’re pooling presents from everyone to get that special something which would normally be out of their reach.

Anyway, I’m here to help you with some ideas for the skaters in your life so grab a cuppa and let’s get this sorted…

For the girly girl:

If you’ve got a girly girl in your life then you know that they’ll LURVE pink.  My daughter used to specify that all clothing had to be pink, white or (at a push) lilac and preferably be sparkly and have twirling capability as well.  That was a challenge, let me tell you!

But never fear, if you’ve got a girly girl in your life then we’re coming to your rescue with our neon pink skating jacket!  All the features of our skating jackets including fleece lining to keep them cosy; moisture wicking so they don’t get sweaty and you can even add extra sparkle in the form of a name on the back or down the sleeves if you wish!  Priced from £50.

If twirling capability is on your tick list too then check out our circle skirts in a variety of colours which flare out beautifully when spinning and are an absolute snip at only £11.99:

For the teenager:

My daughter grew out of the girly girl stage and moved into what I christened ‘the monochrome goth stage’ – for years she would only wear black, white or grey clothing.  Mind you, it went along with the stroppy teenager moods 😉  Teens are usually pretty fashion conscious too so how about one of our brand new strappy vest tops – in black of course!  They look great on or off the ice paired with black leggings (skating or fashion) and are priced at £34.99 for kids sizes, £39.99 for adult sizes.


For the sparkle lovers:

You’re either a lover of the sparkle or you’re not but for those who are, there are LOADS of options!  One of the best things about our range is that we give you total control over the design, the colours and the placement of any sparkle you choose to add to your jackets or leggings.  Most people choose aqua, silver, pink or purple but if you wanted royal blue and orange – no problem!  We love to make your dreams become a reality.

Just add the plain jacket or leggings to your basket and then choose your bling design & colour to add on.  Prices start from £15. If there are any special instructions then just leave us a note in the box at checkout.

Rhinestud Rhinestone Rhinestud Rhinestone










For the ones who don’t love to sparkle:

Shock horror, there are some people who don’t like bling and sparkle!  I know, I can’t quite believe it either but we’ve got you covered on this front too with our piping leggings which add a tiny shot of colour but no sparkle 😉  They can be worn on their own with a plain top or paired with a matching jacket or top – take your pick!  Prices start from £26.70







For the gym bunnies:

Great for off ice or for the gym bunnies in your life who love to work out, our brand new vest tops are a great option.  Quality stretch fabric with a gorgeous strappy back in a variety of colours and most importantly an integral bra.  These are selling like hot cakes so grab yours fast if you think you’ll want one before Christmas.  Currently available in sizes age 6 up to adult XL (UK14) but limited quantities of each colour.  Prices start from £34.99.

























For the skating mums:

Last but definitely not least, we have options for all the mums who also skate (we know you’re out there!).   Jackets and leggings go all the way up to an adult XXL (approx a UK 16-18) and are available in all colours except the neon pink.  Vest tops go up to an XL (approx UK14) and all t-shirts and hoodies are available a 2XL  (up to 5XL are available in limited colours of hoodies) so there really is something for everyone.  Why not treat yourself to something while you’re Christmas shopping for the kids?  Prices start from £18.75 (kids) and £20 (adults).








I hope I’ve given you some ideas for your Christmas present list!  As always, don’t leave it too late if you’re wanting to customise your jacket or leggings – we get extremely busy between now and Christmas and we’d hate to disappoint.  The cut off for personalised orders is Wednesday 12th December to allow time to make and post your items before Christmas so don’t delay – get shopping today!  Which one will you be buying?