There are many amazing skating performances but here’s my personal top 10:

  1.  Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have an ability to interpret and move to music like no others that I’ve seen.  I particularly love the back flip lift in this routine but the whole performance is quality and classy.


1b.  I couldn’t let Tessa and Scott’s Prince Purple Rain performance go without a mention either so I’m just sneaking it in here right at the beginning 😉


2. Jason Brown‘s Riverdance routine remains my favourite male routine of all time.  I love his infectious ability to engage with the audience and involve them in his performance.  The roar from the crowd throughout says it all really!


3. Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres‘s performance from the 2017 European Championships sends shivers down my spine.  I love the atmosphere and tension that builds in this performance, their side by side jumps are amazing and this routine really shows off their personalities.


4. Maia and Alex Shibutani: 2018 Short Dance programme.  This whole routine is just stunning – the precision in their elements and in particular their twizzle sequence with progressively faster turns is just outstanding.  Love it!


5. Gabriella Papdakis and Guillaume Cizeron:  Their 2018 short dance routine was amazing with the constant rolling motion of the rhumba and samba fitting perfectly with their chosen music.  They’ll probably be known eternally for the costume malfunction at the Olympics in PyeongChang but with all the bottle of world class skaters, they kept going and finished with a silver medal.  Fab routine.


6. Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot – Not so much my favourite type of music but the height and power behind their throw jumps and aerial lifts is incredible in this routine.


7. Evgenia Medvedeva:  This list wouldn’t be complete without a routine from Evgenia but it’s seriously difficult to pick which routine speaks to me the most.  I chose this one because its so beautifully acted as well as skated and she has a way of telling a story that few others do right down to the facial expressions that you wouldn’t even see unless on a close up TV camera but she still puts them in anyway.


8. Jane Torville and Christopher Dean:  I couldn’t leave Torville and Dean off the list!  Although Bolero is their most famous routine for its perfect 6.0 score, Barnum is my personal favourite for the humour and storytelling they bring along side their flawless skating.


9. Yulia Lipnitskaya:  At only 15 to skate a programme to Schindler’s List with just emotion and empathy is just amazing.  Love this performance.


10. Tonya Harding:  Despite the controversy we can’t leave Tonya off the list can we?  The first American woman to land a triple axel in competition, she was a power house whose skating career was cut short by the controversial injury of Nancy Kerrigan, another american skater in which Tonya was implicated and found guilty by the US Figure Skating Association and banned from competitive skating for life.


Was your favourite skater on my top 10 list?  If not, who did I miss off?