The Two Birds 2020 Sponsorship Programme

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to create a sponsorship application video for 2020 and apply.  The response was huge and the standard was really high, so picking the shortlisted skaters was not an easy task.

We’ve divided the shortlisted skaters into 3 categories; Under 12s; Over 12s; and Teams and are now pleased to announce that the shortlisted skaters for 2020 are shown below.

…and now you can help choose who becomes a Two Birds 2020 Sponsored skater…

Each of the shortlisted skates (and teams) are listed below, and we’ve made available each of their videos for you to see who they are – and we’d like to invite you to vote for who you think deserves to be one of 2020 Sponsored Skaters.

Once you’ve decided on an Under 12, and Over 12 and a Team, use the voting form below to submit your choices. 

The votes cast will not be made public as the vote only forms part of our decision making process and we don’t want the programme to become a popularity contest.  The aim of the vote is to see who our audience responds to and would like to follow over the coming year.

We encourage you to vote and also to let your skating buddies know that they can vote too!… but remember, you can only vote once (per email address) so make your choice wisely.

The vote will close at Midnight on Friday 13th March and we’ll be announcing the selected skaters in a Facebook Live video shortly after (look out for the announcement!).

Get voting!

Shortlist: Under 12s

Shortlist: Over 12s

Shortlist: Teams

Vote for your skaters.

Once you’ve decided on who you’d like to vote for in each category, just use the form opposite to confirm your votes.

You are only allowed to vote once for a skater in each category – if you try and vote using the same email address again, your vote will be rejected and won’t count.

We’ll count the votes and incorporate them into our final decision which will be announced shortly after the vote closes on Friday 13th March at Midnight.

Thanks for your support.

Notes on voting

  • All votes cast will be logged and added to our 2020 voters database so we can ensure that no one votes more than once.
  • When you vote, you’ll receive a single email confirming your choice and offering you the chance to join our main mailing list and get 10% off your first order.
  • You’ll also receive an email announcing the 2020 Sponsored Skaters shortly after the vote is closed.
  • Your information will be removed from our system once voting is closed.
  • All information is collected in line with our privacy policy which you can view here.

Voting is now closed. Look out for an announcement shortly on the confirmed 2020 sponsored skaters…